Corporate Social Responsibility in Action


About Feed 4 for 4

Partner Organizations: UMOM, St. Joseph the Worker, LifeBridge Community Alliance

In Arizona, nearly one in three working families struggle to meet their basic needs. More than 1.4 million Arizonans are considered “poor” or “low income” and nearly 700,000 children live in “Working Poor” homes. But, there is good news.


    The Idea

    Feed 4 for 4 is a unique, nonprofit organization that helps the Working Poor gain access to vital community resources so that they can first make ends meet, pull ahead and ultimately realize self-sufficiency.  Our goal is that the people we help will no longer need our help.

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    What is Corporate Social Responsibility

    Help your Community

    Businesses and corporations have long provided donations to support their communities. Today, those contributions and their greater impact are aptly named Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 


    Feed 4 for 4 in Action

    Changing lives - with your help.

    How your donations bring about change. 


    Sponsorship Opportunities

    Become a Sponsor

    Feed 4 for 4 greatly depends on small businesses and entrepreneurs to fund our mission to help the Working Poor. In return, Feed 4 for 4 engages an effective public relations campaign that recognizes your contributions. Twice monthly, millions of Arizonans are informed about the generous investments your organization is making in our community.      

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