Corporate Social Responsibility in Action


Corporate Social Responsibility

A Win-Win for Companies and Communities

Businesses and corporations have long provided donations to support their communities. Today, those contributions and their greater impact are referred to as "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR).

CSR is a form of philanthropy - but it's so much more. As companies engage their resources to enhance their communities, they become part of the community and build stronger relationships with their customers and employees. In fact, recent publications by Forbes and MIT show that consumers reward socially responsible businesses with their dollars. They prefer to do business with companies that share their values and support their communities. Although modern CSR efforts are commonly illustrated by Fortune 500 companies, it's not just for the BIG guys. Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of every sized company's market strategy.

Beyond "Thank You" notes, smaller businesses and entrepreneurs often fail to receive an adequate ROI for their contributions to community charities and activities. Often, they lack the time and resources to create marketing messages on a consistent basis that will leverage and promote their CSR activities.

So, how does Feed 4 for 4 create a Win-Win scenario? We fund agencies that provide vital life and employment resources to the Working Poor while helping our Sponsors brand their companies to our 1 million followers.