Corporate Social Responsibility in Action


UMOM Launches Women In Need Campaign (WIN)

November 24, 2015

Watkins Basic Needs Shelter is an emergency shelter for single homeless women, located in South Phoenix. The facility is a former diaper factory owned by the City of Phoenix and operated by UMOM New Day Centers.

Last year, there were over 3,082 homeless women identified in Maricopa County. Of those women, UMOM served 2,115 at Watkins. Watkins provides up to 145 single homeless women with safe shelter, a shower and a hot meal each night. The women are unable to stay at the shelter during the day and are transported to the Human Services Campus, where over 1,000 men stay each day. The women feel unsafe because some of the men are sexual offenders, have criminal records and are on drugs. The women are scared and have limited services available to them.

This is why UMOM has launched the WIN Campaign. Through the funds raised, women currently residing at Watkins will be relocated to a renovated facility, the "Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation UMOM Women's Center." The women's center will house 120+ women in a safe and nurturing environment, allowing the women to address their homelessness, fears, and victimization. The women will have immediate access to healthcare, vocational training and job placement, substance abuse counseling, and housing resources. The women will be able to stay during the day AND focus on their case plan to end their homelessness.

By relocating the shelter to a property specifically designed for homeless women, directly across UMOM's main campus, the women will be able to receive the same comprehensive services and programs that we provide to homeless families. With the additional support and assistance, the length of time they experience homelessness will be reduced significantly, ultimately decreasing the need for Emergency Shelter in our community.

If you'd like to contribute to the WIN campaign or become a cabinet member please contact Karen Fletcher by email at or call 602-275-7852.